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Customized mystery shopping programs designed to:

Measure your customers' experiences

Manage the data received

and provide information to

Motivate employees and create loyal customers.



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  • "Our non-profit Institute recently engaged Angela Megasko to help us gain a wider audience and increase our income in ways other than direct fund-raising.  Within one two-hour meeting, Angela gave us clear, specific, and concrete ideas and direction. She mapped out a 3-year strategy which we project will result in a 24% increase in our income this year, as well as ways to engage more closely with our students, clients and audience using a minimum of administrative time."

    Sue E., The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, Agoura, CA

  • "Based on results from Market Viewpoint’s mystery shops, we changed everything from the way we answer to the phone to follow up – and sales increased SIGNIFICANTLY in the following year!"

    Jami A., Office Manager, Plastic Surgeon, Philadelphia, PA

  • "Mystery shopping is an invaluable service that provides vital information regarding the overall experience of our clients.  Market Viewpoint has consistently provided us with important data that has proven to be essential in creating specific, targeted coaching for our managers which has led to an increase in the quality of our clients’ experiences."

    Tom W., Director of Communications, Early Childhood Education Provider, Avon, CT

  • "Market Viewpoint is the go-to market research company for results that will make a difference to your company. I have repeatedly recommended Market Viewpoint to my clients for mystery shopping. The staff always goes the extra mile and never disappoints. Attention to detail, responsiveness, industry customization, and knowledge of service businesses makes each project successful and valuable to our work."

    Julie W., Marketing Consultant and Sales Trainer, Loveland, CO