Market Viewpoint is a mystery shopping company providing expert customer service evaluations and consulting services since 1996.

Premier Mystery Shopping Company

mystery shopper services
Legitimate Mystery Shopping
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Mystery Shopper services
Legitimate Mystery Shopping

What We Do

Market Viewpoint offers reliable, legitimate mystery shopping services; complete customer service audits; employee an d customer surveys; customer-focused marketing strategies; and customer service training to help you outshine your competition.

Mystery Shopper Services

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Customer Service Evaluations

How We Do It

We begin with your goals. Market Viewpoint understands that a mystery shopping company is only effective if it helps you achieve your customer service objectives. We create a customized program based on your business goals, and we equip our team of professional mystery shoppers with survey instruments developed specifically for you.

Customer Service Evaluations

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Customer Service Audit

How It Helps You

The best business decisions come from accurate data. Our premier mystery shopping service provides the information you need to see your business through your customers' eyes, helping you make decisions that will ensure your company's success in a competitive marketplace.

Mystery Shopping Data

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Legitimate mystery shopping will help you measure your company's performance by your standards.

Some mystery shopping companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to collecting information about your business, using boilerplate templates or third-party survey instruments for your customer service evaluation. Market Viewpoint begins with your individual goals in mind and designs a customized plan to fit your company's needs.

At Market Viewpoint, we manage all aspects of our research and consulting in-house.
  • Scheduling
  • Survey Design
  • Database Management
  • Reporting

As a result, we are able to deliver reliable mystery shopping data that provides the information you need to reach your business goals.

Beyond Mystery Shopping

Our consultative services include:

  • Customer Service Evaluations
  • Employee Training
  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Competitor Evaluations
  • Exit Interviews

...and more.

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