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Customer Service Evaluations

Benefits of Mystery Shopping and Market Research

What gets measured gets managed and what gets evaluated gets the employees' attention. Here is how you can use and benefit from our legitimate mystery shopping process:

  • Provides reports to management to be used to reward star performers, motivate average employees, and plan training and counseling for employees whose skills need to be improved.
  • Helps employees do a better job of creating good, long lasting relationships with satisfied customers.
  • Provides data for business owners and managers to use in situations where concrete, quantified, unbiased information would be valuable.
  • Trends the data to demonstrate the success of sales and customer service evaluations and training.
  • Monitors consistency of information, product/service knowledge, and an understanding of the organization.
  • Creates awareness on the part of employees that their actions count and can have a serious impact on the growth and success of the business.

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