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Professional Mystery Shopping Company
Customer Service Evaluations

Legitimate Mystery Shopping

is a tool used by companies to measure quality of service or gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers pose as normal customers in everyday situations where they are purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way. They then provide detailed reports about the experience they had to enable companies to train, coach, and motivate staff to offer a positive customer experience to each customer and to make operational adjustments to improve the customer experience.


Competitive Customer Service Evaluations

are used by companies to assess how well they stack up against the competition. Market Viewpoint uses the data gathered in competitive studies to position our client companies in the marketplace in terms of service levels and meeting consumer expectations.



Employee and Customer Surveys

are used by many corporations to determine levels of satisfaction among employees and existing customers. Too often, we forget to ask those who are already using our products and services or working for us how we're doing at meeting their needs. Market Viewpoint's surveys are designed to get you the feedback you need to retain those who make up these two important audiences.


Training and Human Resource Services

are popular services offered by our firm since 2001. We found that simply supplying our clients with data about their operations was not enough in some cases. Many clients began to see that many of their problems stemmed from an untrained and uninformed workforce. Market Viewpoint's training programs are designed to provide today's complicated and varied workforce with the tools they need to deliver top-notch customer satisfaction.


Coaching Services

have become a popular tool used by many of the corporations we serve to prepare their junior level managers for the responsibilities ahead. The skills, support, and feedback they get from our mastermind groups and private coaching sessions allow them to lead and manage with confidence and poise.


Customer Service Auditing Services

are used by our client companies when evaluating undercover is not necessary. Audits are performed to check the validity and reliability of information or to provide an assessment of a company's internal controls.


New Product and Services Research

is fast becoming one of our most sought after services. Over the years, Market Viewpoint has developed a reputation for excellence in the customer service evaluation industry, but what you might not know is that we also assist clients who are in search of consumer opinion and insight prior to the launch of new products and services. Our database of consumers has helped with the design of new products, created the policies for newly launched services, or helped drive components of marketing and advertising campaigns. Don't guess. Be sure that your new product or service has a target market.


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