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Ultimate Mystery Shopping – Transforming your Hobby into a Profitable Home-Based Business

by Angela Megasko, President & CEO of Market Viewpoint, LLC



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"Ultimate Mystery Shopping is the most down to earth, common sense book on Mystery Shopping that I have read in many years.  It is a must read for new mystery shoppers as well as seasoned veterans, packed full of valuable information about the mystery shopping industry."

Chuck Kenerson President, QSI Specialists President, International Association of Service Evaluators

Spend a couple of hours on the weekend reading Ultimate Mystery Shopping: Transforming Your Hobby Into a Profitable Home-Based Business and by Monday morning, know how to:

  • - Get started in mystery shopping - a step-by-step process to building your home-based business
  • Maximize your time and energy to make more money while secret shopping
  • Get your foot in the door and your name at the top of every mystery shopping scheduler's list
  • Write mystery shopping reports that get you noticed - and keep the assignments coming your way
  • Have the insider's "eye" into what goes on behind the scenes at a mystery shopping company
  • Learn how to create other streams of supplemental income that complement your mystery shopping business
  • Manage your home-based business without getting overwhelmed!
  • Set up your day and your home-office space for maximum productivity

"After reading through this book, I would say that any individual who has ever had the inkling to try out mystery shopping would find great tips and best practices here.  It has common sense strategies for setting yourself up for success and for finding the best companies with which to contract.  I wish I had been able to access this when I first started so that I could have saved myself some time on researching the basic mystery shopping concepts and gotten assignments with reputable companies much faster!"

Susan S. Gilbert, Arizona

What is Mystery Shopping?

According to the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), over 8 million mystery shops or secret shops are conducted each year - giving mystery shoppers multiple opportunities to earn money and provide feedback to major companies and small businesses. Mystery shoppers are typical consumers - like you - who are looking to add a little cash to their holiday spending, save for a cruise or theme park vacation, add to their children's college fun or supplement their retirement income. You can also make a full-time salary as a mystery shopper - but the reality is, it's an honest to goodness fun and convenient way to have a part-time job with home-based business perks. Ultimate Mystery Shopping will provide you with the tools and insider secrets - known ONLY to mystery shopping providers like Market Viewpoint - to help you stand out among the thousands of mystery shoppers around the world.

The Author & Her Vision

Angela Megasko is a Pennsylvania-based business owner, consultant, entrepreneur, author, business performance coach and professional speaker with over 30 years of experience in the market research and customer service industries. Angela created Market Viewpoint as a business that would bridge the gap between corporate America and entrepreneurial independent business owners. Her vision was to create money making opportunities for stay-at-home moms and dads, retirees, those looking for supplemental income, and those who chose not the handle the stress of a full-time job. Eighteen years of providing clients with honest observations from mystery shoppers regarding the customer service aspects of their business has allowed Angela the opportunity to be able to personally share with you tips and tools, as well as real-life experiences, in Ultimate Mystery Shopping.

The True Insider's View of the Mystery Shopping Business

Angela knows what her clients expect from a mystery shopper, and she shares all of those details with you in this book. Topics such as:

  • How to remain anonymous during a shop;
  • The words and actions you need to express in order to gain the required information;
  • Which expenses could be allowed as part of running your mystery shopping business;
  • How to write reports that will get you a 5-star rating;
  • What equipment is needed to get higher paying shops;
  • And so much more.

Shoppers who read a preview of Ultimate Mystery Shopping tell Angela:

"I started your book once I finished dinner and couldn't put it down. It is absolutely the greatest. I feel honored to review it. You covered all the bases from new mystery shoppers to season mystery shoppers. I liked the comments in italics before each chapter. You talked about many items, and then had a review at the end of each chapter which you called, "TOP-NOTCH SHOPPER SECRETS." I found this, really, was important, to all of us."

Arlene L. Post Falls, Idaho In addition to the tips on how to conduct and report on your mystery shops, Angela also includes two BONUS chapters with practical tips for working from home and managing a business from your home office. In these bonus sections, learn how to:

  • Keep your expenses low and your profitability high for each shop;
  • Manage your time and territory; and
  • Find the best resources and reliable companies with which to partner.

If you are currently a mystery shopper or considering being one, Ultimate Mystery Shopping is THE resource you cannot be without.

Kim B. of New Hope, Pennsylvania tell us:

"Ultimate Mystery Shopping: Transforming Your Hobby into a Profitable Home-Based Business>is a powerful tool! It's an informative resource that I wish I had access to when I was starting out in the business. Whether you are thinking of starting up your own business as a Mystery Shopper or you are already a tenured mystery shopper, this book can be a great help to you! You will gain insight into how other shoppers manage their time. For example, in Chapter One, "Sandy's Daily Routine" illustrates how Sandy manages mystery shopping along with her daily schedule of tasks that need to be completed each day. This is a fantastic tool! It gives a new shopper a "Sample Schedule" to mirror and a seasoned shopper a possible new perspective on managing their day. The book also gives valuable information about what I call the "Flip Side." It delves into and gives you an understanding of what Mystery Shopping companies are looking for in a shopper and just how they operate. The book enables you to fine tune your skills as a shopper to ultimately be more profitable. I highly recommend Ultimate Mystery Shopping: Transforming Your Hobby into a Profitable Home-Based Business. It's terrific!!!"

Available on Amazon Now!

UMS Cover 200Available in paperback or e-reader versions, Ultimate Mystery Shopping will be the book you continue to refer to as you build your mystery shopping business. ONE phone call or one email mystery shop and this book is paid for! Don't delay another minute - purchase your copy of Ultimate Mystery Shopping: Transforming Your Hobby into a Profitable Home-Based Business at the lowest price ever! The secrets you learn will quickly lead you to the job that will cover the cost of the book, and continue to help you earn extra cash for years to come!

"I have read many books on how to become a mystery shopper enticing the buyer with earning high dollars to shop. This book is the best I have read! It is realistic with many nuggets of useful information."

Janet Fitzgerald-Sipe President, Service Connections, Inc.


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