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Employment Status and Compensation

All mystery shoppers who work for Market Viewpoint, LLC are independent contractors. As an independent contractor, you will be paid per project. The amount of reimbursement will vary from one project to another, but the range of reimbursements is between $10 and $100. There may also be times when you are reimbursed for certain purchases. The terms of each engagement with our firm will be spelled out in a letter that you will receive should you choose a project.

We process contractor payments the last working day of the month following the month in which the project is completed.  We reserve the right to adjust this date based on holiday and staff schedules. Shoppers are paid for all work and reimbursed purchases completed for their project(s).

Please be advised that Market Viewpoint is now using PayPal to pay shoppers for completed assignments. Please make certain that the information in your shopper profile is correct, especially your communication email address and your PayPal address. Do not use an address that PayPal might recognize as a business account or they will deduct a fee. If you have any questions, ask your scheduler or go to

Should you make $600 or more working with Market Viewpoint, LLC during the calendar year, we will issue you a 1099 Statement to be used in the filing of your Federal and State Income taxes. We also require that you complete and sign the necessary W-9 form that we are required to have on file for you.

Market Viewpoint, LLC reserves the right to withhold or adjust payment for any work that is considered to be incomplete, falsified, or late.


As a mystery shopper for Market Viewpoint, LLC, you will be expected to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality for our firm as well as for our clients. Under no circumstances are you to share any of our internal documents with other shoppers or mystery shopping companies. Documents such as forms, standards, correspondence, completed reports, etc. are considered to be the property of Market Viewpoint, LLC and are under copyright protection.

For the protection of our clients, we also require that you not discuss your assignments with parties or individuals outside of the Market Viewpoint organization.

Shopper Selection

At Market Viewpoint, we take an individualized approach with all of our clients. For this reason, shoppers are assigned based on the needs of our customers. The type of customer the client wants to attract is also taken into consideration, and shoppers can also be assigned based on matching the target market profile or demographic considerations of a project.

Shoppers are also selected based on their ability to complete assignments on time, their writing skills, ability to follow instructions, perseverance, observation skills, record-keeping practices, and willingness to thoroughly complete all assignments.

Honesty and Integrity

Our clients expect honest assessments of your experiences on your mystery shopping assignments. With that in mind, all of your work should be conducted with the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Accurate dates and times are critical to the reporting process as are the accuracy of your observations.

If chosen to shop for this firm, you must keep in mind that the reports you do directly affect the lives and careers of the persons being evaluated. It is for this reason that Market Viewpoint requires that all persons are treated fairly and considerately, and that all projects are taken very seriously.

Any shopper who is suspected of falsifying reports will promptly be removed from our database and will not be paid for the assignment.

Writing Skills

At Market Viewpoint, we have very high standards for writing skills. We firmly believe that the reports we submit to our clients are a direct reflection of us as a quality organization. We expect our shoppers to hold the same belief when they submit work to us. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, content, and coherence are all critical to this process. You should never submit your work without spell checking it. Some shoppers even get others to look over their work before they submit it to us.

If your work in this area is considered to be substandard, we will make appropriate notations in our database and possibly remove you completely should your work fail to improve. We invite you to make use of some of the tools available on the Links Page.


Your schedule is flexible but deadlines are a critical component of the mystery shopping process. We require that you submit your completed report within 24 hours unless your instructions indicate otherwise or you have permission from the Market Viewpoint staff to vary from this standard.

If you are uncertain about the various aspects or components of your shop, you can call the Shopper Hotline at 1-610-942-7030 and a Market Viewpoint representative will be happy to assist you. Always inform us if you run into any problems or difficulties with your shop or with meeting deadlines. Good communication is essential to smooth mystery shopping and results reporting.

Client Contact

Under no circumstances should a shopper ever contact the client. Should you have questions about your assignment or reimbursement for your work, please call the Market Viewpoint shopper hotline at 1-610-942-7030 and we will be happy to assist you.


If Market Viewpoint contacts you via phone or email with questions on an assignment, we expect that you will call or email us back at your earliest convenience. If you work full-time and have not given us permission to contact you at work, we suggest that you check your voice mail and home email often to expedite the communication process. Our clients depend on us to supply them with timely information and your assistance may be critical, so make us a priority on your callback list.

Information Privacy

If you have read the above policies and feel that you will make a good candidate for mystery shopping assignments, please fill out the Shopper Profile at this website. The information that you supply is private and confidential and is not shared or distributed to any other mystery shopping company or organization.

If you feel that you understand and pledge compliance with these, fill out our Shopper Profile in order to be considered for shopping assignments in your area.

If you are already a Market Viewpoint Shopper and wish to make changes to your contact information or go to Shopper Home CLICK HERE.


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